On April 14, 2015, the People's Police Academy of Vietnam (PPA) held a ceremony at its Hanoi campus to inaugurate the second cohort of the University of Maryland (UMD)-PPA Joint Master's Degree in Justice Leadership, a program co-managed by the Office of International and Executive Programs (OIEP).  
Addressing the assembled faculty, students, and administrators of the PPA—as well OIEP's Director Mengxue Li, representing the University of Maryland—U.S. ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius said that he is "from the great state of Maryland" before praising the OIEP-run initiative as an "impressive...excellent program" which is "a model of international collaboration."  
Ambassador Osius went on to say that "this program on law enforcement cooperation is exactly the type of exchange [President Barack Obama and President Trương Tấn Sang] envisioned" when they signed the U.S.-Vietnam Comprehensive Partnership in 2013.  
OIEP Director Mengxue Li (click here for text) and PPA Vice President Tran Minh Chat (click here for text) both delivered remarks at the event.  Later, Dr. Li met with officials of the U.S. embassy in Hanoi to discuss issues of mutual concern and possible areas of cooperation.
The graduate students enrolled in the second PPA cohort are scheduled to begin the last phase of their studies, which will take place at the University of Maryland, in May 2016.  During their residency at UMD, PPA officers complete academic courses in criminal justice and also receive hands-on training in the latest policing procedures, techniques and technologies.
Editor's note (M. Dravis): At the PPA ceremony Ambassador Osius spoke in Vietnamese.  The Office of International and Executive Programs would like to thank the United States embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam, for providing an English version upon which this summary is based.

Ambassador Osius