At the close of the fall 2015 semester, OIEP-sponsored students with the University of Maryland (UMD)-Nanjing Normal University (NNU) joint Master's degree in Criminal Justice program met with Dr. Gregory Ball, dean of the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences.

Dean Ball convened the informal but lively discussion to introduce himself and to learn more about the students and their experiences studying at UMD.  In the course of the conversation, Dean Ball reflected on how both China and the U.S. have changed significantly since he was a youth, and also how their bilateral relations have undergone a radical shift. 

Student comments touched on a variety of themes, including similarities and differences between Chinese and American daily living, sports, and cuisine (with Chinese food getting the better of the comparison!).  Some students shared their belief that, after close observation of life in the U.S., they see American and Chinese societies as moving towards a number of points of convergence.  

In concluding the meeting OIEP's director, Dr. Mengxue Li, urged the students—soon to be UMD graduates—to remain in touch with BSOS and OIEP and to help build the UMD-NNU partnership and also U.S.-China relations more broadly. 

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Dean Ball and students