In late December 2020, over a hundred graduate students from Capital Normal University (CNU) participated in the "UMD-CNU Online Professional Development Workshops," a series of two non-credit, non-degree training modules organized by the Office of International and Executive Programs (OIEP). 

Photo: Professor Jeff Lucas (upper left corner)—Chair of UMD's Department of Sociology—is pictured with OIEP faculty and some of the Capital Normal University students who participated in his Sociology Module in December 2020.

The topic of the first module was Sociology, while the second provided an overview of the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  A different cohort of students sat for each ten-session workshop, and all participants received a certificate of completion. 

Professor Jeff Lucas, Chair of UMD's Department of Sociology, served as Instructor for the first workshop and said later that he came away impressed by the quality of the CNU students. 

Similarly, UMD alumnus David Grolling, the experienced GIS professional who taught the second module, said that he found the experience—which he is eager to replicate in the future—as educational for himself as it was for the CNU students.

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Student Feedback
on the
University of Maryland-Capital Normal University Online Professional Development Workshops
(December 2020)

"The Professor has a very rich and deep store of knowledge about sociology and he answered all questions and always gave us very good examples to help us understand the material."
Comment on the Sociology Module

"[The workshop] was an amazing experience for us all."
— Comment on the GIS Module

"I enjoyed learning about phenomenon like Happiness, Gender, Status, Power, etc., which gave me a better and more objective understanding of society and how it works."
Comment on the Sociology Module

"The workshop improved my English."
— Comment on the GIS Module

"The course was rich in content and the professor helped students understand sociology through cases and examples."
Comment on the Sociology Module

"The organization of the online teaching was very good."
— Comment on the GIS Module

"This class was very helpful to my Ph.D. studies, especially because it broadened my academic horizon."
Comment on the Sociology Module

"I learned different aspects of concepts and there was content really different from what we have learned in our studies."
— Comment on the GIS Module

"Our professor was very knowledgeable and patient."
Comment on the Sociology Module

"I liked the course very much."
— Comment on the GIS Module

"I really enjoy this workshop and I learned a lot."
Comment on the Sociology Module

"Through the module I learned what programs like Python and ArcGIS Pro can do.  This is very useful for my research, thank you very much."
— Comment on the GIS Module

Additional comments on the Sociology Workshop:

"The organization was quite good, and the schedule well planned."

"Everyone involved in the module was very kind and helpful."

"The workshop content was really plentiful."




Capital Normal University students participate in online training session