In late July students from the Faculty of Geographical Science of Beijing Normal University (BNU) completed the "UMD-BNU International Summer Workshops 2019," a two-week training program held at the University of Maryland.  The Office of International and Executive Programs (OIEP) organized the workshops, the theme of which was Geospatial Information Sciences (GIS) with an emphasis on spatial analysis methods.

Dr. Jack (Jianguo) Ma—director of UMD's Master of Science in Geospatial Information Sciences, or MSGIS (which OIEP has co-managed since its launch in 2016)—advised OIEP on the content of the workshops and also delivered a workshop special seminar on "Future Trends in GIS."

In addition to academic presentations, trainees participated in site visits and tours at venues in the Maryland-Washington, DC region, including NASA's Goddard Visitor Center and NOAA's 2019 Nautical Cartography Open House; these activities supplemented in-class presentations and also gave the BNU students opportunities to experience aspects of America's diverse culture.

Upon finishing the workshops, each participant received a certificate of completion signed by Dr. Gregory F. Ball, dean of UMD's College of Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSOS).

  • Please see below for a selection of workshop photographs.
  • For a story about the workshop's graduation ceremony, please visit the relevant News page.


BNU Students with BSOS Dean Gregory Ball
A warm welcome from BSOS Dean Gregory Ball (seated, center) and UMD faculty.


BNU students with Testudo
"Terp" rite of passage: visiting UMD's lucky "Testudo" at McKeldin Library.


The following series of photo were taken during the BNU group's participation in NOAA's 2019 Nautical Cartography Open House:

Outside NOAA's 2019 Nautical Cartography Open House
Outside the conference venue in Silver Spring, Maryland.


Jack Ma speaking at NOAA Open House
UMD faculty member and adviser to OIEP Jack Ma showcases UMD programs.


Speaker at NOAA Open House
NOAA Open House presentation.


Viewing data at NOAA Open House
BNU students and faculty view NOAA data on display at the Open House.


In the following series of photos, Beijing Normal University students and faculty display their school spirit while touring the University of Maryland's campus (also see the group's salute to UMD here):

BNU students pose in B formation

BNU students pose in N formation

BNU students pose in U formation



Group photo of BNU students on the UMD campus