The Office of International and Executive Programs (OIEP) has been awarded Silver Certification in the University of Maryland's Green Office program, an initiative of UMD's Office of Sustainability

OIEP is conserving natural resources and helping UMD become a national model for a Green University through the following measures:

  • Signing the Green Office Participation Pledge;
  • Completing the Green Office Audit;
  • Recognizing participation in sustainability initiatives, including the Green Office program;
  • Turning out lights when we leave an unoccupied room;
  • Using human power instead of electric power, when possible (taking stairs instead of elevators; walking to on-campus meetings and, when practicable, to off-campus meetings as well);
  • Printing as little as possible, double-sided, and using a shared printer;
  • Shutting down computers at close of business;
  • Ensuring that windows are tightly shut during heating and cooling season;
  • Conducting paper-free meetings, to the greatest possible extent;
  • Reusing office supplies (such as file folders);
  • Mailing forms and paperwork to on-campus recipients utilizing inter-departmental envelopes;
  • Arranging for Terrapin Trader to pick up surplus office furniture, electronics and/or equipment;
  • Recycling used toner and ink cartridges from printers and copy machines; and
  • Displaying OIEP's Silver Certification (awarded by UMD's Office of Sustainability).


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