Li Portrait

Mengxue Li

In addition to serving as Director of OIEP, M. Li is Principal Dean for International Affairs (College of Behavioral and Social Sciences), Research Associate Professor (Department of Geographical Sciences), and...

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  • Office telephone: 301-405-5361
  • E-mail: mxli(at)

Aizhen Chen

Program Manager
A. Chen was a Chinese culture and language teacher for ten years.  Subsequently, she spent six years teaching English in the Shanghai school system.  A. Chen holds a Master’s Degree in Criminology &...

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  • Office telephone: 301-405-8443
  • E-mail: achen1(at)
  • Skype ID: lisachen05

Michael Dravis

Planning and Communications Manager
Before joining OIEP, M. Dravis was Research Associate with various projects under the Center for International Development and Conflict Management (CIDCM) at the University of Maryland,...

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  • Office telephone: 301-405-3356
  • E-mail: mdravis(at)
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Joyce Romanoff

Human Resources and Business Manager

  • Phone: 301-437-9124
  • E-mail: jromanoff8(at)

Dale Connelly

English Instructor
D. Connelly is a Golden ID student—and a life-long learner—at the University of Maryland.

John Falkenklous

John Falkenklous

English Instructor
J. Falkenklous is a University of Maryland undergraduate student studying International Business and Japanese.  In his free time, he enjoys basketball and weightlifting.

Photo of J. Liu

Jimmy Liu

English Instructor

J. Liu is an undergraduate studying Civil Engineering at the university of Maryland.  In his free time he enjoys playing basketball and spending time outdoors.


Ashley Myers

English Instructor
A. Myers is an undergraduate student studying linguistics.  In her free time she loves playing video games—especially Pokemon—reading, and relaxing.


Maya Silver-Isenstadt

English Instructor
M. Silver-Isenstadt is an undergraduate at the University of Maryland studying Biochemistry.  In her free time, she enjoys snowboarding and camping.



Swathi Siva Srinivas

English Instructor
Swathi Siva Srinivas is a senior undergraduate student at the University of Maryland pursuing a double major in Psychology and Certificate in Women's Studies.