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Online Short-term Training

The Office of International and Executive Programs (OIEP) is pleased to announce to our international and local partners that we are now offering custom-designed online short-term training programs in the form of workshops, seminars, symposiums, lectures and presentations. 

Online instructionOIEP's online training programs are tailored and individualized to meet the specific needs of our partners; to accomplish this, they draw on the outstanding human, academic, and technical resources of the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSOS), one of UMD's largest and most academically challenging components. 

OIEP short-term programs empower trainees to:

  • Interact with dynamic and seasoned faculty and instructors;
  • Study state-of-the-art academic topics and methods; 
  • Improve their written and spoken English proficiency, especially in the social sciences and related fields;
  • Develop a marketable repertoire of professional skills;
  • Learn about American society and culture without leaving home.
The non-degree, non-credit nature of short-term initiatives furnishes OIEP and our partners with maximum scheduling flexibility in terms of daily start times and overall duration of training (which can take place over a single day or a whole month or more).
Please review the list of potential topics appended below, and then when you are ready to launch your enterprise in short-term training reach out to OIEP through our Contact page or send us an e-mail at OIEP [at] .

Online Training Topics

The following is a selective, non-comprehensive list of online short-term training topics offered by OIEP:

Academic Writing
     - Bibliography creation
     - Editing techniques
     - Research protocols (online)
     - Writing research papers (from topic selection to finished product)
Administration and Management of Academic Institutions
     - Joint international degree programs
     - Grant writing, administration and management
American Society and Culture
     - American government and politics
     - Social science perspectives on American society
     - Public speaking
     - Speech writing
Criminology and Criminal Justice 
     - Overview of the U.S. criminal justice system
     - Eyewitness testimony
     - Courtroom evidence 
     - Crime scene investigation (CSI) 
     - Criminal justice system planning
     - Drones and technology
     - Drug crime
     - Human trafficking 
     - Juvenile crime 
     - Organized crime 
     - Research methods
     - Statistical tools for criminal justice
     - International monetary system
     - International trade
     - Encouraging critical thinking in teaching and learning
     - Comparative education systems (China and U.S.)
     - Professional development for educators
     - Effective pedagogy (teaching techniques) 
     - U.S. educational system
     - Models of education in the U.S.
Geospatial Information Sciences (GIS) 
     - Future trends in GIS
     - Processing Geospatial Data Using Open Source Tools
     - Earth science
     - American history
     - Diplomatic history
     - European history
     - 20th century history
Law and society
     - National identity 
     - U.S. immigration system
     - Leadership in groups and organizations
     - Management systems
International Relations
     - Conflict management 
     - Crisis management 
     - International security
     - Negotiation 
     - Sovereignty
     - Terrorism and counter-terrorism
     - Trade negotiations
     - U.S. foreign policy
     - U.S. relations with the Middle East
Social science research methods  
     - Quantitative research techniques
     - Qualitative research techniques
U.S. legal system
     - Intellectual property law
     - Technology transfer


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