The Department of Geographical Sciences values our relationship with Chinese institutions and scientists.  We welcome students and visiting scientists from China to our Department.  The UMD Campus is committed to maintaining a bias and hate-free, non-discriminatory learning environment and we share that strong commitment in our Department. 
— Chris Justice, Chair of Geographical Sciences
参考译文由OIEP提供 (This translation by OIEP is for reference purposes only.)

我们地理科学系重视与中国机构及来自中国的科学家的合作,欢迎来自中国的学生和访问学者。 马里兰大学(UMD)校园致力于建立无偏见、无仇视、无歧视的学习环境,我系坚定地支持马大的该宗旨。

行为与社会科学学院地理科学系系主任 Chris Justice

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