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OIEP-sponsored Master's degree programs can be gateways to Ph.D. studies.  Since 2014, graduates from the UMD-Nanjing Normal University joint Master's degree in Criminal Justice and the UMD-Nanjing Normal University Master of Science in Geospatial Information Sciences (MSGIS) have gone on to study for doctorates at:

  • East China University of Political Science and Law (Forensic Technology, Bankruptcy Law);
  • Leiden University (Developmental Psychopathology);
  • Southeast University, China;
  • Tsukuba University (Criminology);
  • The University of Cincinnati (Geography of Crime);
  • University College London (Crime Science);
  • The University of Maryland, College Park;
  • The University of Tennessee (Urban Sociology and Crime).
  • Tianjin University of Finance and Economics (Legal economy).



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