OIEP and OIEP-supported Research & Publications

The Office of International and Executive Programs engages in, and supports, research leading to scholarly publications that offer fresh perspectives on topics and themes of global concern.  

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Ongoing Publication

Title: Energy, Ecology and Environment
Editor(s): Bin Chen is editor-in-chief and Mengxue Li (OIEP director) serves on the Editorial Board
Format: Scholarly journal
Language: English
Additional information: Journal web page

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Recent Publications

Title: "On the Relevance of Spatial and Temporal Dimensions in Assessing Computer Susceptability to System Trespassing Incidents"
Author(s): David Maimon, Theodore Wilson, Wuling Ren and Tamar Berenblum
Format: Journal article
Publication information: British Journal of Criminology, first published online 5 January 2015
Language: English
DOI (digital object identifier): 10.1093/bjc/azu104 B
Additional information: Full text of article

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Title: "Network Defense Strategy Based on Cyber Attack Behavior Prediction"
Author(s): REN Wu-ling, ZHAO Cui-wen, JIANG Guo-xin, David Maimon, Theodore Wilson and Bertrand Sobesto
Format: Journal article
Publication information: Journal of Zhejiang University, vol. 48 (December 2014), pp. 2144-51
Language: Chinese
DOI (digital object identifier): 10.3785/j. issn. 1008-937X.2014.12.007
Additional information: Abstract of article

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Ongoing Research

Topic: Social terrorism
Researcher: Jianda Zhou (assistant research scholar, UMD Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice)
Additional information: OIEP announcement
Description: Zhou defines social terrorism as the phenomenon of individuals leading seemingly normal lives who perpetrate violent attacks against the public in response to perceived personal grievances rather than political or ideological motivations