Message from BSOS Dean

(Please see below for Chinese version / 请参阅以下中文版)

June 17, 2015

Dear Colleagues:

I am writing to ensure that you are aware that Dr. Mengxue Li, Assistant Dean for International Affairs in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSOS), University of Maryland (UMD), is also Director of the Office of International and Executive Programs (OIEP) for the College.

As one of the initial assignments in his position,  Dr. Li is to begin the process of reviewing current OIEP programs and launching a new era of collaboration with our partners at Nanjing Normal University and at other universities in China.  So that Dr. Li can clearly assess the existing programs and ensure compliance with University of Maryland policies and procedures, I ask that all correspondence relating to OIEP or the Master’s in Criminal Justice Programs be directed solely to Dr. Li.  He can be reached by email ( or via phone at +1 301 405 5361.  Dr. Li has been given sole decision making authority related to OIEP.

Please note that Song Zhao and Lixin Shen have not been authorized to represent OIEP, BSOS and UMD or to conduct any activities on their behalf since June 16, 2014.


Gregory F. Ball

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
2141 Tydings Hall
University of Maryland
College Park, MD  20742-7201

行为与社会科学院(BSOS) 院长通告



李院长工作之一,即:对OIEP与中国现有合作项目进行审核并开发新项目。其全权负责项目审定,以确保符合马里兰大学政策和要求:因此,李博士是OIEP 所有项目包括“司法硕士项目”的唯一直接负责人,也是唯一有权对OIEP一切事物进行决策的人(联系办法,电邮; 电话:+1 301 405 5361)

另请注意: 自2014年6月16日起,赵松和沈立新(自2014年10月22日起)二人已无权代表马里兰大学,行为与社会科学院,以及国际执行项目部(OIEP)从事任何相关活动。


Gregory F. Ball